Bonnie Springs Ranch Resort... Home of Old Nevada, The Red Rock Riding Stables and fabulous weddings

31 May 2011

If you love the great outdoors, or have a bit of a soft spot for old cowboy movies, Bonnie Springs Ranch Resort might well be your perfect wedding location.

A picture-perfect old western styled resort, you can live out your dreams of a cowboy-style wedding and be back in Las Vegas in time for cocktails if you like. With thanks to Karin Marie Bell for the insider info below.

Q) How long has your wedding chapel been operating?

A) Bonnie Springs Ranch Resort opened in 1952, with the wedding chapel set up in 1974.

Q) Why is your wedding chapel different? - why should brides-to-be choose you?

A) We are charming, rustic, vintage... old Western themed and quite unique. We have a spectacular location and view. We have a ranch with banquet halls, chapel weddings, horseback weddings, horseback riding, a full service restaurant and bar and a motel with themed rooms and suites.

Q) What are the most popular weddings at your chapel?

A) Here at Bonnie Springs, traditional Western, shotgun weddings and horseback weddings are all popular.

Q) What are the oddest wedding requests you've ever had?

A) We are so used to accommodating odd requests that they just don't seem odd anymore - anything you can dream up, we can handle...

Q) Have any celebrities tied the knot at your wedding chapel?

A) Yes, but we have a strict privacy policy so I will not name any one.

Q) As a Las Vegas insider, what are your top tips for visitors?

A) Spend the weekend at Bonnie Springs Ranch - you can go on a horseback ride, eat our world famous BBQ, visit the petting zoo. Stay overnight with us - the possibilities are endless!

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Article updated 14th June 2011

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