Gordon Ramsey ruins a Las Vegas wedding proposal

7 May 2016

Famous for high end restaurants and the sort of language that would have seen my old gran scrubbing his mouth out with soap, British chef Gordon Ramsey is no stranger to controversy. But ruining romantic surprises is a new string to his bow.

A surprise engagement was recently planned at his Pub & Grill in Caesar's Palace. And in his own words:

"One of my maitre'd's asked me if I would go over to table seven, who were celebrating their engagement," Ramsay recently told a crowd at a US food and wine festival. "So I said: 'Send two nice glasses of champagne over to them'."

A nice gesture you might think. So when the champagne arrived, he went over to congratulate the pair. The slight problem?

"He hadn't asked her yet!"

Ouch! There's no word as to whether the bemused girlfriend said 'yes' to the proposal she hadn't yet received, but I think we can all guess where she'll find her 'something blue' - in Gordon's language to his hapless staff member, maybe?

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