Marriage proposals across the Las Vegas skyline - the perfect way to pop the question?

14 April 2013

We talk to Judsen Gundersen of Las Vegas Banner Tow about life in the clouds.

You know the kind of thing - a plane trailing a sign. So why not use this for marriage proposals? Judsen Gundersen of Las Vegas Banner Tow talks to us about his bright idea.

"Usually, to book a marriage proposal or any other type of banner a customer needs to contact me by e-mail or telephone.  I will send them a quote for the banner and answer any questions they may have about the process. We are currently charging $500 for a one hour marriage proposal flight.  That will get you roughly 30-40 minutes of flight time over your destination.  

Las Vegas has some beautiful locations for a marriage proposal.  We have flown over Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, The Las Vegas Strip, sporting events and even private homes. 

We have done many unique proposals but there are two that really stick out in my mind.  I once was asked to assemble a banner for a Spanish speaking gentleman proposing to his girlfriend.  He requested that I join up with their Grand Canyon tour helicopter on their return flight to Las Vegas.  You can imagine his girlfriend's surprise when she looked to the left of her helicopter and saw a banner plane hired by her boyfriend with a marriage proposal in tow!

The second proposal that comes to mind was flown around the Stratosphere Tower here in Las Vegas.  The couple stood on the observation deck taking in the views of the city (approximately 1000').  I flew circles at eye level with the marriage proposal in tow.  The photos and testimonial from that flight are on my website. "

If you'd like to know more, or book a banner tow proposal of your own, contact Judsen here.

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