May the Fourth Be With You: Star Wars themed weddings in Las Vegas

4 May 2019

We love a good pun, and we love Star Wars, so what better way to celebrate Star Wars Day this year than a look at the sci-fi-tantastic options for the geeks and fans amongst us. (May 4th - 'may the Force...' - get it?!)

  1. SciFi Wedding Chapel at Bally's Hotel. Attached to the Twilight Zone mini golf this is our new favourite themed wedding hotspot. There's a smorgasbord of sci-fi minister choices including Darth Vader, Yoda (marry you, he will) and Mr Spock. AND they throw in a free round of mini golf for the happy couple. Win/win.
  2. Stratosphere Hotel weddings. The building looks like something from a 1950s B-movie, and has thrill rides at the top. The closest you'll probably ever come to being launched into space.
  3. The Neon Boneyard. Used as a location in Tim Burton's Mars Attacks, and you can now visit and enjoy this one-off collection of old Vegas signs from hotels, wedding chapels and more. They will make the venue available for photoshoots if you plan ahead - an unforgettable backdrop to your Las Vegas wedding pictures.
  4. Area 51. Most definitely not a top secret military base as seen in Independence Day, you can visit the Alien Cafe and have your picture taken by the Extraterrestrial Highway sign

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