We talk to Christina Vitagliano, owner of the Sci-Fi Wedding Chapel

17 May 2019

Want an 'out of this world' wedding? If you love sci-fi, and want a fun wedding ceremony in Las Vegas, The Twilight Zone mini golf at Bally's Hotel recently added a wedding chapel with themed ministers in spring 2019. We asked Christina Vitagliano, owner of the Sci-Fi Wedding Chapel to tell us all about it.

Q) What came first - the Twilight Zone mini golf or the wedding chapel?

A) The Twilight Zone mini golf opened first, though we had always had plans for the Sci-Fi Wedding chapel as our next phase within the venue.

Q) How long have you been open for business?

A) Our parent company, Monster Mini Golf, has been in business for 15 years and our The Twilight Zone Venue is coming up on two years in December. The chapel just launched this spring. We have a KISS by Monster Mini Golf venue at The Rio Hotel & Casino as well. That venue includes a Rock 'N Roll Wedding Chapel (opened in 2012).

Q) Who is your most popular minister?

A) Currently, our most popular requests are Darth Vader and Spock- both very fun options! We love when our couples request specialty ministers as well, which lets us bring new and fun concepts to the chapel. 

Q) What's your most memorable wedding to date?

A) We recently had a large wedding in where guests and groomsmen were dressed in costume. The full Star Wars gang was there- with Chewbacca and C-3PO as groomsmen and the ring bearer was a Storm Trooper! 

Q) What's the strangest request you've had?

A) We thrive on "strange" requests (which here in Las Vegas, aren't strange to us)! They make the ceremony more fun, unique, and customized to the couple! In our chapel career we have had all sorts of unique requests from role playing an intense movie scene all the way to a choreographed cake fight! 

Q) Is the chapel LGBT friendly? 

A) Yes!

Q) What is your favourite sci-fi series?

A) Tough one! My favorite all time sci-fi series is probably The Twilight Zone & Land Of The Lost. If we're going for newer series over the years, Millennium, Westworld and The Orville.

Q) Any plans for future ceremonies we should know about?

A) We have plenty of fun on the way! We will be debuting our Yoda minister very soon, and we also have some classic Twilight Zone characters who will be making their way into the chapel! 

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