Wedding day hair and beauty tips from Bridal Beauty - plus 20% off for you!

31 January 2008

We talk to Shawnna at Las Vegas Bridal Beauty about getting the perfect hair and make-up for your wedding day - and they are offering our readers 20% off any of their regular services!

1) How long has the company been around?

We've been around just over 3 years - however, our artists have been doing hair and makeup for brides for close to 10 years.

2) Why did you decide to get into the bridal beauty business?

I actually started planning for the business after my own wedding 4 years ago. My wedding party and I started on our hair and makeup 8 hours early! With the traveling to and from the salon, traffic, parking and driving slowly to make sure the group was all together... We ended up being late for my own wedding! That's when it hit me that it would've been so much easier if someone could've come to our hotel room to get us ready, then we could simply dress & not have all the running around... So Las Vegas Bridal Beauty was born.

3) How far will you travel in and around Las Vegas?

We have actually traveled as far as the California/Nevada State Line. More typically we travel all through Las Vegas and the near by city of Henderson.

4) How long would you suggest a bride allows for her hair and make up to be done on her wedding day?

We normally say for hair and makeup, allow 2 hours. It's always better to have a little more time than to try and rush things.

5) If a whole wedding party is to have hair and make up done, how long do you allow for this?

It depends on the size of the group, but we normally try not to take any longer than 3 hours, so if that means bringing along 4 hair & makeup artists... that's what we'll do.

6) What are the biggest trends in bridal hair and make-up?

Good question! We see so many people from so many different places all over the world, that trends are really different depending on who we're working with. I'd say, in general, most brides prefer natural makeup for sure... But as far as hair, it's probably about even between hair all up, or half up half down with curls.

7) A lot of your brides will be from out of town - how do you try and ensure she gets what she wants for her big day?

We communicate before we start. It is so important to sit down with our brides and find out exactly what types of styles she likes (and more importantly doesn't like). We also take into consideration the style of her dress, her face shape and any accessories she'll be wearing in her hair. We get a lot of brides who have no clue of what they want done with their hair... but just from talking with them, we are able to get good ideas and inspiration and create the perfect look to suit them.

8) Are there any beauty tips you'd recommend to a bride-to-be before she gets to Vegas?

We always recommend that if you are going to have a facial, do that at least 4 to 5 days prior. A lot of people are sensitive to the products, not to mention that you are disturbing any underlying problems with your skin. Most brides have a tendency to break out anyway due to the stress & you don't need anything making it worse. If you get the facial done in advance, you'll give your face a chance to clear up.

9) Is there anything you suggests she does once she's in Vegas before the Big Day?

Just to be sure that if she's going to wax or tweeze her eyebrows, give it at least 2 days prior to the big day so the redness & irritation will have plenty of time to clear.

10) What are your top tips for a bride to look stunning on her big day?

Be sure to get enough rest the night before! So many brides come to Vegas & stay out far too late the night before the wedding... Then we have the tough job of covering dark circles & bags under their eyes!

11) Do you have any particular recommendations for brides getting married outdoors and coping with the Las Vegas heat?

We actually use a fantastic product which is applied over the makeup, which is a sealant used mainly in theatrical makeup (because the actors are under hot lights). It seals the makeup in place & makes it waterproof, sweatproof, tearproof and smudgeproof - it's wonderful! As for the hair... We use so many bobby pins & so much hairspray that we often tell our brides that they could probably wear the style for their entire holiday if they wanted to!

12) Do you have any favourite wedding chapels?

I love the Little Church of the West. It's set back off the main strip, away from all the hustle and bustle of Vegas. It's nice because it's not what you'd expect of a Las Vegas wedding chapel - it's not at all cheesy.

13) As a Vegas resident, do you have any favourite restaurants you'd recommend to visitors?

Well honestly, living in Vegas, I rarely go down to the Strip unless it's for work. I do have quite a few favorite places which are located just off the Strip. My absolute favorite is Firefly Restaurant. Everything is served appetizer style so everyone can share and it is all very affordable. They have Sangrias and Mojitos by the pitcher and it's just a really neat and trendy place to have a good meal and drinks with a bunch of friends.


Las Vegas Bridal Beauty are offering our readers a 20% discount off any regular priced services - just mention when you book your hair and/or make-up appointment for your big day to receive your discount. Their message to our readers: "We get so many brides from so many different places, and we understand the importance of looking just right for your big day. It's our way of thanking you for choosing us for your special day beauty". 

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