Wee Kirk of the Heather Wedding Chapel - a Las Vegas wedding institution since 1940

1 June 2011

In a city where change is everything, and 'historic' is almost a dirty word, the Wee Kirk of the Heather Wedding Chapel has been quietly going about its business for 70 years. We caught up with Michael to ask some questions about the Chapel which has our favourite name by far!

Q) Thank you for talking to us today Michael. Can you let us know how long the Wee Kirk of the Heather Chapel has been around?

A) Our chapel was established in 1940

Q) Why do you think your chapel is different? - why should Las Vegas brides-to-be choose you?

A) We believe that getting married is one of the top five days in your life and we want you to feel special on your day.  In the spirit of this belief, we have a no rush policy; in fact, we book our packages on the hour and allocate that time for each wedding. Additionally, we treat each bride with personalized attention and remove all (or in some brides cases - most) of the stress - just leave everything to us.

We have been doing this since 1940, in a very competitive market; we must be doing more than a few things right.

Q) As a bride at your chapel, what can I expect in terms of wedding planning and my wedding day?

A) You can expect and do receive knowledgeable, professional, warm wedding coordinators who truly do care about you on your day.

Q) What does your chapel do best?

A) Our customer service is exceptional and our photography is fantastic - in fact, our photographers are sought after by locals for their weddings.  Plus, our webcast is a live stream in HD - no one else has that.

Q) What are the most popular weddings at the chapel?

A) Anything with photos, and we do have a large number of requests for Elvis weddings.

Q) You must have some great stories to tell?

A) One of the most memorable days was a fourth generation wedding in which the bride's great grandparents, grandparents (her grandfather was in attendance), parents (both in attendance) had all been previously married at the Wee Kirk.  She had 74 people (standing room only), mostly family, who all had a connection to this chapel.

Also, in July, we have a 1pm renewal of the bride's Grandparents (married here in 1960), a 1.30pm renewal of the Bride's parents (married here in 1986) and a 2pm wedding -  three generations back to back.

Q) Have any celebrities tied the knot at your chapel?

A) Yes, but with our celebrities and all of our couples, we do not relinquish that information.

Q) How did you get into the weddings business?

A) I had worked in traditional corporate industry and was tired of not enjoying my job - I wanted something that made me and people happy. Now everyone that we deal with is happy - some a little nervous and a few neurotic - but always very happy.

Q) As a Las Vegas insider, what are your top tips for visitors?

The answers:

  • Drink plenty of water, more than you think you need - the heat and the activities that usually take place in Vegas will dehydrate you quickly (even in the winter), and in a lot of cases you do not even realize it. 
  • See everything you can, but do not worry if you can't, Vegas is the type of town you are going to want to come back to again and again.
  • See Fremont Street, downtown, the vibe is different than anywhere else in the city - a mix of hip carnival meets gaming, plus inexpensive drinks.
  • Outside table at Mon Ami Gabi, Paris Hotel - to watch people and the fountains at the Bellagio - and the food is great too. 
  • Stratosphere Hotel - Top of the World, get a reservation for about ½ hour before sunset for the incredible 360° view of Las Vegas in both the daylight and night.
  • Vic & Anthony's Steakhouse in the Golden Nugget Hotel- great steaks, if not the best in the city, nice wine list and fantastic service - a true Vegas throwback to the Rat Pack era 
  • Shows - Cirque du Soleil, almost any, but I truly love the original - Mystere with O coming in a close second
  • Shops, Forum Shops at Caesars Palace - everything you want plus things you did not even know you wanted - and it is air conditioned.

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This article was updated 17th June 2011

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