Resort Hotels

The resort hotels are attractions in themselves, and form the bizarre landscape of modern day Las Vegas.

From Luxor's pyramid and sphinx at the north end of the Strip, past New York New York's Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower of Paris, Lake Como of Bellagio, the canals and gondolas of the Venetian, and the pirate ship battles of Treasure Island, it's one gloriously mixed bag of metaphors.

But it's not just theming. Vegas pushes the envelope in terms of size and spectacle, sure, but all this competition means that standards are usually very high, particularly in the newer hotels. And newer in Vegas terms means anything built from the 1980s onwards - and even the 1980s is starting to look like ancient history.

The Bellagio set new standards when it was built just a few short years ago, but the Wynn opened in 2005 has pushed the envelope even further. There is continuous building in the city, and each new hotel promises to raise standards further again - so watch this space.

What all this means is that you, as a Las Vegas visitor, are in a strong position to find a great deal on a great hotel room. Enjoy!

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