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Las Vegas is now only second to Orlando in terms of numbers of tourists in the USA. To cater for all these visitors, the city has a vast range of restaurants and cafes, many of them within the major hotels on and around the Strip.

There are Michelin starred restaurants, places run by celebrity chefs, and those offering food from just about everywhere around the globe. If you choose your restaurant carefully, you could also end up with fabulous views.

As well as the higher end restaurants, there are also the famous 'all you can eat' buffets. Although it's not usually possible to reserve seats, it can be great fun (and good for the budget) to stock up on foods from dozens of different food stations.

Just remember that you will probably need to add on 7.5% sales tax and service charge of up to 20% to your bill, whatever the venue.

Many hotels also offer 24 hour cafes - which can come in useful in a city where the majority of restaurants stop serving around 10pm. Take a look at our browse facility to select by cuisine and price. We have tried to select venues that are able to cater for parties, and have given costs where available.

You might also find the book Zagat's Las Vegas Restaurants useful for its ratings and diner comments.

You can browse reception venues here.

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