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Want to do something a little out of the ordinary? You've come to the right place. This is your wedding day, and you have the opportunity to indulge every last whim - it's all your Christmases and birthdays come at once with a great big cherry coloured rhinestone on top.

You probably already know that you can have Elvis perform your wedding, sing to you, or that he's a handy 'add on' to a lot of non-Elvis packages. You probably know you can get married on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise in the presence of various aliens in your very own Star Trek wedding. You will probably also shake your head and laugh when I mention you can have drive-through wedding, in a limo or on a Harley. 'Tell us something we didn't know already!' you cry. Well, we aim to please...

If it's a little celebrity kitsch you're after, you can go for Liberace, Tom Jones, Marilyn Monroe, or even Rocky Horror for your wedding theme. If you want an historical flavour, try Ancient Egypt, Victorian, pirate ship, or Wild West - complete with cowboys. You can have hot air balloons, helicopters, beach themes, and all manner of gothic settings. Take a look at our browse facility - we think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the choices on offer for your Las Vegas themed wedding.

Just remember to check if the ministers fee and limo drivers gratuity are included in the price of your wedding, or if they are 'extras'.

As you are likely to be making a lot of choices remotely (rather than being able to visit each in person), we would suggest that you use our browse facility, then take some time to look at the wedding chapel websites themselves. We would also recommend the book Neon Nuptials which gives ratings to all of the chapels based on their romance factor, their friendliness and cleanliness - we found it invaluable when planning our own wedding.

Another book you might enjoy is Las Vegas Weddings that talks about the history of the city, celebrity weddings and tells you all about Elvis ceremonies.

We have put together a full list of themed Las Vegas wedding ceremonies.

Star Trek - Borg Wedding

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Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel - Elvis

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